How can marketers use social media and mobile marketing to engage customers? What challenges do marketers face?

Marketers can use social media and mobile marketing to engage customers by thinking about these spaces as advertising platforms for their various brands and products. Challenges that marketers face include marketing saturation and the weariness that such commercial abundance causes on behalf of potential customers.

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Marketers can use social media and mobile marketing to engage customers by thinking of these two areas the way that, in previous periods, marketers thought of TV. They can view social media and mobile marketing as means to advertise the product or business in question.

Now, instead of making a commercial that will run in between a TV program, they’ll create a tweet or a text that will appear on social media or a person’s mobile device. This perspective, at least for marketers, makes social media less social and more profit-driven. It seeks to capitalize on the myriad interactions that occur on social media and mobile devices.

A way for marketers to use specifically social media to engage customers is to identify people on certain social media outlets who align with their brand and pay them to promote their products. A clothing brand that makes nonbinary clothes can find a person with tons of followers who indefinites as nonbinary on Instagram. The clothing company can send this person some clothes, pay the person to wear the clothes, and promote them in an Instagram post, and, due to this person’s large following, they will engage with a slew of new customers.

A challenge that marketers face is the weariness of customers. Many people on social media have become acutely aware of how marketers, however subtly and/or organically, are incorporating ads into these spaces. Thus, trying to come up with creative ways to do so could prove taxing.

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