How can managing stress in any organization contribute to improved strategy implementation and organizational performance?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that managing stress in any organization can help in a variety of ways.  Strategy implementation is more focused when stress management is included in its design.  If an organization is able to construct a design of strategy with valves that enable stress management to happen fluidly and naturally, greater focus will be evident in achieving the goals of the particular strategy.  This can involve breaks in pursuit of said goals or even scheduling and laying out expectations for their achievement in a manner that does not cause greater stress.  In turn, this increases organizational performance in a couple of ways.  The first is that the pursuit of strategic goals does not have to be offset by the slowdown of stress.  If management can recognize the need to build into its pursuit of strategic goals in an atmosphere that does not tax workers out of commission, but rather enables them to be successful, this continuity results in more efficient performance.  Additionally, the costs of tending to the results of stress management are reduced when scheduling of tasks and pursuit of goals involves ensuring that such realities are reduced.  In this, greater performance is also evident.

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