How can I make these themes less general?I have to write an ISP in English and I chose Eleonora by Edgar Allan Poe as my short story.I came up with these two themes:- Dark Romanticism- Broken...

How can I make these themes less general?

I have to write an ISP in English and I chose Eleonora by Edgar Allan Poe as my short story.

I came up with these two themes:
- Dark Romanticism
- Broken Promises --> Guilt --> Madness

My teacher said they are both too general and I don't know how to fix that.

I need only one theme for my ISP.

If you know anything about the story, that'd be great.

Please don't use Wikipedia for anything because it's unreliable and won't be accepted by my teacher.

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You have a good start with those general themes, now how do they apply to "Eleonora" in particular and EA Poe in general?  Generally, Poe was a dark writer whether because of his own depression or the subject matter he wrote about. So even his romaniticism was dark and depressing. Romanticism is usually thought of as the celebration of the imagination; the aspiring of humans to be more divine. In dark romanticism, the imagination goes toward the darkness of human nature - anger, sadness, envy, jealousy. Romanticism is also known for including humans in the worldwide view - we are a part of a living, breathing universe. Only Poe's universe is full of conlict and decay. And lastly, romanticism shows the idea of art imitating life, reflecting the accurate emotions and actions of humans.  In Poe's case, he wrote about jealous rages, murders, and madness. With this informaiton and a rereading of the story, you should be able to write a presentable essay.

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