How can I make rocket that can boost up at least 5 metres up?   Please! Write down the steps and the materials I need for it.   From which website can I get these things?

astrosonu4th | Student

Here, are a few steps to make a small rocket that may boost up to 5 metres-

Step 1 - Take a toilet roll cardboard and cut slits at the bottom so that you can fan out the bottom.

Step 2 - Tape the toilet roll to the centre of a paper plate.

Step 3 - Fill a film canister with about ten ml of water. 

Step 4 - Drop an Alka Seltzer in, close the cap so it clicks.

Step 5 - Drop the canister into the toilet paper roll, so the cap is facing the plate.

Step 6 - Wait for the canister to take a flight.

Its a easy method to make. All the things will be available easily.