How can I make a poem on how science skills help you in studying nature?

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This assignment about science skills is basically a way to learn and remember the skills a scientist uses when solving a problem. It is a way to remember the scientific method.

Your poem should include something about asking a question. Scientists are always trying to solve questions in their research.

Next, your poem should include a line about generating a hypothesis. This is a possible answer to a question or problem.

The next skill is testing the hypothesis by doing an experiment. An experiment can generate data which can be used to see if the hypothesis is correct or not.

The next skill is analysis of data. This is where a scientist looks carefully at the research to see what, if anything was learned. They carefully analyze data tables, graphs, charts, etc. to see if the hypothesis is valid or not.

After going through the scientific method steps, a scientist will formulate a conclusion.

Finally, a scientist will share his or her results with others. In this way, other scientists can verify and build upon what you have learned.

Since poetry can be written as words that go together in a particular pattern, by putting these skills into poetry form, you will easily remember them if you are asked to recall them. Good luck.

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