How can I make my news article on a boring divorce trial I attended really good, and exciting?  How can I make my news article on a boring divorce trial I attended really good, and exciting?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator


First, let me extend to you my sympathy for having to attend a boring trial. I know how slow and tedious they can get. 

Second, consider that information is like water: It is everywhere and it is transparent: You can turn it into whatever color, shape, or form you want!

This being said, ask yourself: "What made this trial happen in the first place"? If there is a cause, such as adultery or something dramatic, start with that by opening your report with:  "Adultery and the Joneses". You could also title it: "Baggage and the Joneses".

If there is no clear indication as to what caused the divorce, or if the information is also boring (irreconcilable differences, etc), then turn that around and propose something that is not there-but could be.

For example:

"What ever happened to the Joneses?! Was there someone else?"

Using that as your opening statement, start describing how this seemingly normal couple "suddenly”,"surprisingly", and "shockingly" called it quits. Use those words freely; after all, divorces are quite shocking to those who are not part of the relationship so it is valid to use shocking and doubting words.

Propose reasons for this break up: "Could there be someone else"? "Who got bored first"? Leave it as a cliffhanger to continue your analysis.

Then, state that "whatever mysterious secret" was the reason behind this divorce, it must have been powerful enough for the couple to allow themselves to "sacrifice all the things they worked for years to earn just to live through the horror of splitting everything in half- even the things that are of sentimental value to both"! Elaborate on the things that they actually had to split between them. Was there anything that you, as a reporter, would have not wanted to part with? State how painful/angering/frustrating/etc it must be to part with something you like, only to give it to someone who does not even love you anymore.

Finally, produce the final questions that would make it all even more dramatic: "Was it all worth it?"? "What could be their next steps in life"? "Could there be a second chance for them"?

After you elaborate more in these questions, you may want to close the argument and add your own reflection, or your opinion, about people getting divorced in general. End up the essay by stating whether, in your opinion, divorce is the final answer.

It would be a nice way to combine your own voice with the information that you gathered from an everyday situation.


litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Why don't you choose the interesting parts? Even if it seems technical, try to personalize the people and events. See beyond the legalese to the human element involved. Think about what the people's lives were like, and what they want. There is a lot of pain involved in divorce. Find the source of that pain.
yoshimi | Student

Thank you so much!!!  Very good advice, it's helping make my story so much more interesting!  I really, really appreciate it!!!  Thanks! =)