How can linguistics/stylistics be used in forensic science?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stylistics is the process of identifying and assessing written texts and documents for literature, language, arts and even evidences. Linguistics is a general method of studying languages which include its variation, etymology, phonetics, socio-culture and usage. These two terms overlaps each other in terms of scope of study.

The application of stylistics and linguistics plays a major role in forensic science. It is actually being considered as evidence in investigation proceedings. Linguistics is used for organization and understanding the language for the legal law. This is practically helping the cases to be resolved with the right use of words for criminal investigations. Evidences can be tampered or altered accidentally or not based on how it was said, or meant. By standardizing the criminal language through linguistics, jurisdiction for cases is going to work better and be more fluid. Linguistics can also make standard interpretations of the cases presented to avoid conflicts.

In criminal proceedings, linguistics and stylistics can work on the evidences provided on the court. A written text used in the cases can be studied and checked based on its veracity and/or relationship with the writer.

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