How can linear perspective be used in a fashion design career?

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The Wikipedia/eNotes page on linear perspective defines it as the line based system used to recreate the following visual effect:

As objects become more distant they appear smaller because their visual angle decreases.

An understanding of perspective theory can help greatly when creating a garment that provides a slimming effect for the model.  When studying one and two point perspective, an artist learns that objects and the angles between parallel edges get comparatively smaller as they get further away and approach the vanishing point.  Designers can use this understanding to create optical illusions at various points in a garment design to make the model’s waist appear exaggeratedly tapered, or even to make the bust appear bigger.  An understanding of perspective also helps a future designer grasp and utilize the concept of proportion in garment making.  It will lead to an ability to structure a silhouette and to place large or small design elements on a garment.

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The fashion and design industry has evolved to greater perspectives varying from one locality to another. the fashion dsign career can integrate linear perspective designs in events especially in laying the site. In arrangement of items,setting and interrioir designs of venues and outfits linear designs can be employed. Decors of garments lavishly colored with desired colors intertwined in linear order as well as innovative execution of creative styles appealing to the eye should help in the fashion design career.

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