How can lesbian, gay and queer criticism be applied to analyze The Narrow Corner?  Which characters or scenes can be used?

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Narrow Corner, is a classic piece of literature, that has basically been hidden from readers. It is a really great piece of fiction. The characters all interweave within each other in so many different and secret ways.

There are three people, who are outcasts, end up on an island in the South Seas. They all have shady pasts and a secret quilt they are carrying around with them. Fred Blake has fled Australia after murdering his lover's husband. Captain Nichols has lost his certificate after trouble with an insurance company. Dr. Saunders has been removed from the medical register for unethical practices. The entire story has a homosexual theme. You can see it by Dr. Saunders Chinese servant, Ah Kay. Saunders has feelings towards him and describes him as "He was a slim, comely youth with large black eyes and a skin as smooth as a girl's." Saunders hopes that Ah Kay regards him with affection. Both Saunders and Blake, admire the astonishing manly beauty of Fred Blake. Then we are introduced to Erik, who is engaged to Louise. Erik was in love with Louise's mother, and Blake is instantly attracted to Erik, but Blake is also attracted to Louise. Louise and Blake end up having an affair. Both Blake and Erik use Louise to fulfill the secret wants they have. 

The writings of Maugham all have an element of homosexual tendencies. Being gay himself, he wrote about things that mattered to him. He was able to live out his wants and desires in his writings. The Narrow Corner is one of these works. It is filled with sexuality and the secret wants of gays in this time period.