How can learning about your reasoning skills help improve a work environment?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you think about and learn about your reasoning skills, you will probably also get better at using those skills.  You will become a more thoughtful person and you will become better at thinking.  When you hone these skills, you can use them to improve the environment in which you work.

For example, improving your reasoning skills can allow you to make physical changes in your workplace that will be helpful to you.  You can look at your work environment and truly analyze it to see if there are ways that you can change it.  In other words, you can look systematically at your workplace and determine if it needs improvement.

As another example, improving your reasoning skills can help you to get along better with people at work.  If you improve your ability to think and to reason, you will be able to understand others and their attitudes more readily.  If you think and reason, you are not just reacting emotionally to what goes on around you in your workplace.  Instead, you are more likely to analyze things cooly and calmly and come up with ways to improve the interactions that are going on among you and your coworkers.

In essence, improving your reasoning skills helps you to be better at thinking.  When you improve your ability to think, you are better able to understand how your work environment functions and how it might be improved.