How can Krebs best be described as a person?

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To a great extent, Krebs can be described as displaced by his war experience.  The war has left its impact on Krebs in how it has destabilized his perception of the world and his place in it.  Krebs is displaced in most of his interactions back in Oklahoma. While his town and its people have not changed as a result of the war, he has.  This gap is where his displacement is evident.  He is unable to assume the role that a "heroic" war veteran is supposed to play.  He is not sure how to progress from an emotional point of view. The war has changed him and changed his outlook on so much that there is a gap in nearly aspect of experience.  

The "normalcy" of life in Oklahoma makes Krebs so displaced.  He is unable to acclimate to the life with his mother and being what others expect him to be.  His displaced condition is also seen in his desire to leave for Kansas City.  Krebs has no real plan for his departure.  He simply knows that he needs to go somewhere other than where he is.  It is this aspect of the unsettled, the reality that Krebs embodies after the war, that makes him someone that can be described as "displaced."


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