How can a key represent the American Dream's freedom in our country?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Freedom can be "unlocked" within the pursuit of the American Dream.  It is here in which the key can be a symbol to convey the American Dream's notion of freedom.  The idea of being able to create a new life, different from the external barriers to the actualization of happiness is something that is opened with the American Dream.  The American Dream enables individuals to pursue happiness.  Individuals can no longer be shackled with conditions from the "old country" or conditions from the traditional barriers that would limit freedom.  

Being able to unlock a world in which freedom and the potential for happiness is realized is how a key could be a symbol to represent the freedom intrinsic to the American Dream.  The key is something that unlocks doors, creating opportunities in which individuals can move freely from one realm to another.  In its most idealistic form, the American Dream enables this mobility.  This upward mobility is something that can be unlocked with the American Dream.  The key can be a symbol to represent this horizon freed up and unlocked.