How can I introduce and cite a quote and mention the author of a biography?The author is John Carey (about William Golding the man who wrote Lord of the Flies)?

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John Carey wrote a biography about William Golding as well as several critical reviews about the novel Lord of the Flies

Here is how you would write the citation for Carey's biography (MLA):

Carey, John. William Golding: The Man who Wrote Lord of the Flies. New York: Free Press, 2009.

If there is a quote from William Golding in Carey's biography that you would like to use, then this is how you would cite it:

Cary includes Golding's own revelation that he "hated the fame bought by Lord of the Flies" (qtd. in Carey 234).


William Golding confessed in his diary that he "hated the fame" which resulted from his acclaimed novel (qtd. in Carey 234).