How can integrating technology in the classroom help students with their social skills?

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If we go by Vygotsky's theory of constructivism and Albert Bandura's theory of Social Learning, we could argue that the integration of technology in the classroom turns peers into facilitators that can help each other reach different levels of achievement.

Through technology applications, students who are more knowledgeable (Vygotsky's "MKO's") will act as teachers of others who will be more than eager to learn new skills and new forms of research. Through constructivism, students will build upon the skills that they already know. This is what Vygotsky calls "scaffolding". Moreover, through social learning, as Bandura would argue, the students will learn about other important aspects of tech usage such as ethical behavior, appropriate choices, and effective communication.

Technology might be the key to making connections especially among Millennial learners who are often too isolated precisely because they rely on technology as their primary source of communication. Therefore, by giving them a chance to excel at what they already know, which is technology skills, they will open up and communicate in an ongoing academic dialogue.

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