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How can improved health facilities and technology affect human resources?  

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Human resources involves the employees that work for the company. People who manage human resources basically handle recruitment, performance, and insurance of employee wellness, among other things.

Health benefits are commonly given to employees especially for work-related accidents and other detrimental effects on employee health. This makes sense since an employee who is sick or injured cannot perform his work properly (or at all). Health facilities provide medical aid and consultation for patients, and this improves their well-being and enables them to live and work to the fullest of their capabilities. Companies that have their own health facilities or provide their employees with sufficient health benefits improve the well-being of their human resources, thereby increasing work efficiency and potential profit.

Technology generally makes work a lot quicker and easier. This not only increases work efficiency and potential profit but also reduces strain on employees by reducing manual labor, for example. Social media and employment websites also make it easier for human resource managers to advertise available positions and recruit staff.

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