How can I improve my English?  My English is too much weak.  I want to improve it.  Please let me know about the elements that can improve my English?

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I have three simple suggestions (all three of which reflect, echo, or expand upon the above ideas):

  • Speak English at home (or wherever possible) with another fluent speaker.  Forcing yourself to use the language each and every day will definitely improve your talent.
  • Read (every single day) passages from interesting books written in English.  Begin with children's books in English.  If those become too "easy" for you, switch to young adult novels.  If those become too "easy," switch to regular fiction or non-fiction.  Most importantly, what you choose to read should reflect your interests.  No need to purchase these books, of course.  Just go to your local library (that is, if there is one available to you).
  • Watch TV shows (preferably situation comedies) spoken in English.  Again, whatever show with a subject that sparks your interest will  help (as well as be FUN to watch).  Movies can help as well, but they are less inclined to give you the nuances of humor.
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My EFL/TEFL students ask me the same question many times, and the answer that I give them is simple: Do not stop speaking it, listening to it, nor reading it. You literally have to live your regular life in the target language to be able to improve it.

See, if you are not a native English speaker, the best way to make your intonation to flow more naturally and your vocabulary to expand is by consistently using it. There is no way around it. You have to jump off the comfort zone of translation and jump straight into full immersion. Keep reading, speaking, and writing in English. That is all you need to do.

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In my opinion, the only way to learn any foreign language well is to practice it in as many forms as you can.  In other words, I think that you must read English and listen to English and speak English as much as you can.  I do not believe that any other way of learning is as effective as this.

I have two suggestions for how to go about this (both of these are things that have helped me to learn foreign languages):

  • Read books that are also available to you in your own native language.  Read the English and then try to translate it into your own language.  Check the book in your language to see if you have done it properly.  Or do it in the other direction (read your language and try to translate it into English).
  • Watch videos in English.  It is best if you watch something that you also have in your language so that you can check to make sure that you understand what has been said.

The link I have provided has more advice and resources for learning English as a foreign language.


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