How can I illustrate the word "aberration"?I have to draw a picture that defines it, but I'm not sure how too...

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ajmchugh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I teach this word when we study To Kill A Mockingbird; in Chapter 8, Scout believes that she and Jem are responsible for Maycomb's rare snowstorm--something Mr. Avery refers to as an aberration of nature since it hardly ever snows in Alabama.  Here's the quote from the novel:

Mr. Avery said it was written on the Rosetta Stone that when children disobeyed their parents, smoked cigarettes and made war on each other, the seasons would change: Jem and I were burdened with the guilt of contributing to the aberrations of nature, thereby causing unhappiness to our neighbors and discomfort to ourselves.

To illustrate the word, you could borrow the context in which Harper Lee uses it in Mockingbird: illustrate a snowstorm in a traditionally very warm place. 

Anything to this effect will work, as an aberration is something that deviates from the norm.  (Think in terms of a rainstorm in the desert, a flower growing in the middle of the North Pole, a police officer and an escaped convict in a prison jumpsuit having coffee together, or a cat and mouse hanging out.)

Hope this helps.  Good luck!


M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Something "aberrant" is something disordered, distorted, disoriented, and unsound. It often is inherent to human psychology, and behavior.

If in pictures, anything chaotic and unnatural such as a unnatural vice, extreme, hardcore violence, terrifying creatures, or the picture of a person whose mind shows signs of horrid thoughts and unnatural, sick desires, wants and needs is a good illustration for an aberration.

An act committed against every accepted canon of natural  human behavior is also an aberration, because it is meant to come from an aberrant mind. For example a serial child molester or serial killer commits aberrations.

Finally, placing a picture of Frankenstein, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, or other horrid face or personality would be good as an illustration of an aberration.

scientist | Student

Aberration is something  that deviates from the normal way.Eg-Aberrant behaviour,Optical Aberration,Relativistic Aberration.You can illustrate it by signs or by writing or by teaching.You can show a video of Optical Aberration to the person to whom you want to illustrate the word Aberration and explain the meaning of word Aberration.