How can I write the body paragraphs on this topic: Jonas is changed by his experiences in the community. How does Lowry show this? Please include the possible topics I could use when I am writing body paragraphs.

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When writing an essay, the first step is to choose a thesis.  The thesis is a statement of what you are proving, based on the topic.  Use the topic to start your thesis.  For example:

Lowry shows that Jonas is changed through self-awareness by his experiences in the community.

I chose self-awareness as a key theme to base the changes around.  You can choose whichever you want.  For this essay, I would outline it around these key points.  You fill in the rest!

Point 1:  Jonas is self-aware before he begins his training, but his self-awareness is heightened by experiencing the memories.

In the first chapter, Jonas is trying to figure out how he feels about the ceremony.

He had waited a long time for this special December. Now that it was almost upon him, he wasn't frightened, but he was ... eager, he decided. He was eager for it to come. And he was excited, certainly. All of the Elevens were excited about the event that would be coming so soon. (p. 4)

Jonas later realizes that he feels different than others when he starts his training.

Point 2: Jonas tries to use what he learns from the memories to change the community, and realizes that he can’t because they will never understand.

When Jonas sees a war game, he knows what pain and death means.  The others do not.

Jonas sighed. It was no use. Of course Asher couldn't understand. "I accept your apology, Asher," he said wearily. (p. 135)

Point 3:  Jonas realizes that his people’s ignorance is not harmless when he sees a Release.

Jonas learns a lot about himself and the community as he gets memories, but he still accepts it until he sees his father euthanize a healthy newborn just because it was a twin.  This is when Jonas decides his people need to learn.

Once again, as he had on the playing field, he felt the choking sensation. Once again he saw the face of the lighthaired, bloodied soldier as life left his eyes. The memory came back. He killed it! My father killed it! Jonas said to himself, stunned at what he was realizing. He continued to stare at the screen numbly. (p. 150

When Jonas learns Gabe will be Released, he decides to flee the community with the baby, and return the memories to his people.


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