How can I write an essay on censorship for Fahrenheit 451 (including quotes)?

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The title, Fahrenheit 451, represents the temperature at which books will burn. This, in and of itself, is symbolic of censorship. To start your essay, you need to decide what you want to say about censorship. Here are a few examples:

Burning Books

You could focus solely on the fact that the firemen start fires. They burn books and burn the houses of those who read and arrest the inhabitants. However, sometimes the owners choose to burn with their possessions. This is blatant censorship because people aren't allowed to read and their home lives are monitored. Here are some quotes that deal with this issue:

  • "Montag gazed beyond them to the wall with the typed lists of millions of forbidden books. Their names leapt in fire, burning down the years under his axe and his hose which sprayed not water but kerosene." (p.31)
  • "We know how to nip most of them in the bud, early. You can't build a house without nails and wood. If you don't want a house built, hide the nails and the wood. If you don't...

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