How can I write an 8 page essay about "honor" in Henry IV, Part I?

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Henry IV, Part I, is, in part, an examination of honor through the characters of Hotspur, Falstaff, and Prince Hal, so you ought to be able to write eight pages comparing and contrasting these three characters, especially supporting what you have to say with quotes from the play.

In simple terms (though Shakespeare adds far more nuance), the three characters named above are like the three bears in "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Hotspur is too 'hard' when it comes to issues of honor, Falstaff is too 'soft,' and Prince Hal, despite his father's serious doubts about him as the play opens, works out to be 'just right.' This shows Hal to be an exemplary ruler, and the contrasts between how he understands honor versus how Hotspur and Falstaff do is instructive.

Hotspur is far too rigid on the issue of honor, he despises people...

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