How can I write a research paper on Roger Arliner Young?

To write a research paper on Roger Arliner Young, you should identify key information about her life and consider what points you want to focus on. For instance, you might consider mentioning her research on sea urchin eggs or her struggles with caring for her mom and her mental health.

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Dr. Roger Arliner Young is an important figure in US history. She was the first Black woman to receive a Ph.D. in zoology, the study of the classification of animals. She is known for her research in marine biology, including the effects of radiation on sea urchin eggs and the processes of hydration and dehydration in cells.

Young is also known for persevering through a difficult personal life. Growing up in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, she spent a great deal of time caring for her sick mother. She also struggled with her own mental health. In 1930, she was juggling a job at Howard with her doctoral studies at the University of Chicago, and she failed her qualifying exams for the Ph.D. This created tension between her and her mentor Ernest Everett Just, as did rumors that they were romantically involved. A few years later, Just fired Young. She worked at a few colleges after Howard, like Shaw University, until the late 1950s, when committed herself to the Mississippi State Mental Asylum. She stayed there until 1962 and passed away in 1964.

When crafting a research paper, it is always a good idea to start with an outline. Consider what aspects of Young's life you want to focus on. For instance, perhaps you want to focus on her scientific research rather than her personal life. Or perhaps you want to explore how her personal life influenced her career. Consider what order you will place the information in and how you will divide the paper into sections. For example, you might start with an introductory paragraph that explains who Young is and why she is important. Then you could move on to a paragraph about her childhood. Outlining which topics you will explore and what order you will discuss them in is the key to a clear, impactful paper.

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