How can I relate The Master and Margarita to Macbeth? I've got some of the obvious relations down, both involve supernatural powers, both are based around evil and darkness. Also, I think there is a tragic hero in both. What else can I relate between the two works?

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There is one parallel overlooked:  both works were carefully disguised criticisms of their present governing bodies:  Macbeth has often been seen by critics as a disguised attack on Queen Elizabeth's reign, which had become more practical than ethical in her late years, and may have involved dabbling in alchemy and witchcraft.  Bulgakov's novel has long been seen as a hidden criticism of the Soviet communist system.  If the research documents are available to you, this comparison may be fruitful; but as you suggest, the most fruitful area of inquiry is the parallels with the occult, the supernatural, and the equivocation in the language.  The novel is very complex and draws from Christian mythology, and the devil character can be compared to the demonic witches who, through equivocation and temptation, cause the murders.  I'm not sure if Margarita can be compared to Lady Macbeth.  Also, the ghost-like appearence of the figure in Master and Margarita has its parallel in Banquo.

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