How can I help to foster social cohesion?

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Social cohesion is a difficult thing to foster because, even within a subgroup, people have differing opinions. Any group working towards a goal will have individuals in it who have different ideas about how to achieve that goal. For example, during the Abolitionist movement in the United States, there were people who believed that enslaved people should be freed all at once (Abraham Lincoln eventually reached that belief and wrote the Emancipation Proclamation), that enslaved people should rise up violently (John Brown), that freed African Americans should go to Africa (those who formed Liberia, and Abraham Lincoln in his earlier stages). Another example would be Christianity, in which there are thousands of denominations that are largely based on differing Biblical interpretations. 

Social cohesion can happen if the focus can remain on the big picture, with the understanding that people will differ in methods and means to reach a goal and that this multiplicity of ideas can actually be helpful in achieving group goals. 


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