How can I compare the short story "So Much Water So Close to Home" by Raymond Carver and the film adaptation Jindabyne? What are the most important differences, and why?

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When brainstorming a compare-contrast essay, it can be helpful to craft a general outline for those aspects of the stories you wish to analyze. In this case, because the film "Jindabyne" was adapted from Carver's short story, we can expect that there are significant intersections in story elements. For example:


  • Both works' main characters are a married couple, Stuart and Claire.
  • Both works refer to the deceased girl as "the girl."


  • Both plots involve a fishing trip wherein a body is discovered.
  • Both plots follow how Claire's thoughts and feelings about her husband change due to the discovery of the body.


  • Both the film and the short story examine distrust in a marriage.
  • Both works question our responsibilities to our own desires versus those to our neighbors/communities.


  • Water is a major symbol in both works.
  • The isolated landscape in both works is symbolic of human isolation.

Then, note the areas of the works that contrast:


  • In the film, the killer is not...

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