How can hypothesis help me in a job as a pschology?

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A correlation describes how 2 VARIABLES are related and its strength. There are two types of variables, independent and dependent. So, from here you can eliminate your answer to either A or C. 

In this example, the hypothesis is correlational: As job stress increases, job efficiency decreases.
The strength of the correlation here is a Negative correlaion, because as one variable increases, the other decreases. (if it was positive correlation both would go the same direction)

*Independent Variable is the condition that is MANIPULATED by the researchr to see how it affects the dependent variable. The researcher has control over the independent variable, which you can choose and manipulate.

*Dependent Variable is the behavior or response outcome that is being MEASURED by the researcher, to see how its affected by the manipulation of the independent variable.

In this case, your independent variable would be the job stress and the dependent variable would be the efficiency. 
Job stress would be the Independent variable because you can directly manipulate stress levels and it affects (or changes) the efficiency of the job, which is the Dependent variable.Stress can either increase or decrease the work efficiency,depending on how much stress there is.
In other words, the stress affects the job efficiency, how well one performs. For example, Say you're really stressed out, wouldn't that make the work much harder to complete? So, if the job stress increases, the measurement of how well or efficient the work was done would decrease. And vice versa.