how can i have the essey about character of riders to the sea?? is it important to buy it or what??

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thanx honey but really i don't have a time to read a play believe me honey

if u have this essay in this link

plz post it here

or if u have another alnalyse of Maurya's character

it's ok


and thank u very much honey

ur answer is very useful

god save you

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Please do not buy an essay--I see you're a junior in college, so you know that using a bought essay is cheating.  I can help you understand how to write a character analysis.  Read the play again, but this time read each woman separately so you can get an idea about the kind of woman she is--as you read, listen to what the woman is saying, how she says it, the words she uses, and think about how she talks shows what she believes in, or doesn't believe in, or how she copes with her misery, or with death. 

You might see that one woman keeps repeating certain words, or that another changes the subject, or that another focuses on some object.  And rust that if something seems contradictory or weird about a woman, that it's supposed to and is often the thing the author uses to show that how she's trying to be is not really how she is. 

Figure out what you think the character's main personality trait is--like when we listen to three girls talking in a room--size them up by what they say and how they say it.  Then for your paper, make your case. 

In the intro, say what character you're looking at and what her personality is and  three ways her words show she's that way.  Then for each paragraph, explain one of the ways, showing evidence.  Then conclude with 2 or 3 sentences that say why it's important to have that kind of character in the play.