How can "grievance against the West," be seen as a cause of "major problems" in the Caribbean countries? 

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To argue that grievance against the West is a major cause of Caribbean problems, we must argue that it causes the people of these countries to act in ways that do not promote development in their countries.

It is clearly the case that Caribbean countries could feel a sense of grievance.  They are made up largely of the descendants of slaves.  They were colonies of European powers until relatively recently.  They are, many feel, still in a neo-colonial relationship with the West.

However, even though this feeling is understandable it may be counterproductive.  It may be that Caribbean countries spend their energies more on being angry at the West than on improving themselves.  It may be that they feel so victimized by their grievances that they neglect to do things that could move them ahead slowly.  It could also be that they sour their relations with the West because of these grievances when better relations could be economically helpful.

In these ways, we can argue that a sense of grievance against the West is a cause of problems in the Caribbean.