How can green chemistry be used to help prevent global warming?

llltkl | Student

Green Chemistry is the Chemistry done in an eco-friendly manner. Major gases responsible for global warming are green house gases viz. CO2 (57%), CH4(12%), N2O(06%) and CFC's(25%). Principal sources of these gases are as follows: CO2- burning of fossil fuels, CH4-Wetlands, livestock excreta, fossil fuels, N2O- Fertilizers, and CFC's- foams, aerosols, refrizerants, solvents etc. Any chemical measure aimed at controlling the production of these gases leads to prevention of global warming. Thus, greener chemical procedures involving lesser or no solvent, modified fertilizers, obviation of CFC's, limiting the use of fossil fuels through alternative chemical means etc. constitute several ways through which green chemistry might help combat this menace of global warming.

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