How can I graph this equation y = (6/5)x + 5.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The equation y =  has to be graphed. The graph of y = (6/5)x + 5 is a straight line with slope 6/5 that passes through the point (0,5)

To determine another point that lies on the line, take x = 1; y = 6/5 + 5 = 6.2

The required line passes through the points (0, 5) and (1, 6.2)

The graph of y = (6/5)x + 5 is:

atyourservice | Student

the slope goes up 6 and to the right 5, and goes through the y intercept at 5

paulr162 | Student

You are given the form y = mx + b for this equation.  b is the y-intercept.  Therefore, the equation line will go through the y axis at 5.  The easiest way to graph the rest is to create a table of values.  Start at x = -3, solve for y, x = 2, solve for y, all the way to x = 3, solve for way.  Draw the points on your graph, and connect them with a line.


The drawn graph can be found at this link: