How can governments reduce or limit citizens’ ability to make informed decisions?

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Governments can achieve this purpose through a couple different means:

1. Censorship (removing published ideas)- In societies today, governments use the idea of censorship to protect young children from inappropriate ideas. Likewise, they keep the full truth from the citizenry to protect us from information that once leaked could put a nation at risk. The same can be true for researching about a bill or a candidate. Government officials can have websites removed to make sure information presented is only from one side.

2. Propaganda (manipulation of published ideas) - Often, if a government wants to draw attention from a sensitive situation, they will use the media to promote other stories so the people will not notice the sensitive situation at work. In the past, propaganda has been used in a variety of ways to persuade individuals to vote a certain way. This can happen by not distributing the whole truth of an issue. Governments can present information with bias by manipulating the language of a document.