How can I go about understanding Telford Work's Living and Active: Scripture in the Economy of Salvation?

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Telford Work's Living and Active: Scripture in the Economy of Salvation, is an attempt to use classic Christian theological positions, both Catholic and Protestant, to understand the role the Bible plays now, and has played throughout time, in ensuring the salvation of humans. Works himself writes from within the Protestant tradition, but expands his understanding beyond the often rather simplistic arguments of literacy and inerrancy.

This is a complex work, originally written as Work's dissertation concluding his fellowship at Duke University. In attempting to examine the Bible through time and differing traditions, his argument is forced to deal with a Bible which evolved over time, and which was, then, clearly experienced differently over time and in different contexts. In evaluating a Bible which has taken various forms, been collected in different groupings, and evaluated and understood in different times and traditions, Works paints a far more complicated picture of what the Bible "is" and how it functions than has been commonly presented within Protestant theological tradition.

This is a work of theology by a committed believer and scholastic theologian. Telford teaches at Westmount College, a Christian liberal arts college in Santa Barbara, CA. He writes from within the religious belief that the Bible is both holy and an active and living expression of God that is absolutely a living and active force at work in the salvation of humankind. The radical element of his writing is the result of viewing the Bible across times, forms, and cultures, rather than only as a complete, unchanging work.

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