How can I get a modified text of the play Dr. Faustus? I am an actor, and I have to get the text, but I see that the original text is too hard to act.

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I'm not sure that you'll be performing a "modified" text of the play - most productions of "Dr. Faustus" use Marlowe's original play, even if it is cut or adapted slightly.

However, you might find a paraphrased text (i.e. one put into modern English) helpful in understanding the meaning of the Marlowe text. Unfortunately, we don't currently have one here on enotes - as we do for Shakespeare - though we do have an e-text with a substantial glossary which should make it reasonable easy to read and understand. I've put a link to it below for you.

I also don't know of one in print - only various editions and versions of Marlowe's text: but I do think that's the text - in the end - that you're going to need! Good luck!

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