How can I get images from the themes, historical context, and  characteristics from The Harlem Renaissance period?

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The movement of Southern blacks to Northern cities, the emergence of radical thought, and the publication of black magazines set the stage for the Harlem Renaissance. The emergence of African American literature, art, and music in the 1920s marked the beginning of the Harlem Renaissance. From this came the creation of great literature by African American writers. They wrote poetry, prose, plays, and novels. The literature made race and racial identity was a common theme.  Most of the figures well known as part of the Harlem Renaissance were men: W.E.B. DuBois, Countee Cullen and Langston Hughes.  Opportunities that had opened up for black men had also opened up for women.  African American women began to demand that their view of the human condition be part of the dream, too.   Jessie Fauset edited the literary section of “The Crisis” and hosted evening gatherings for the black intellectuals of Harlem: artists, thinkers, writers. Ethel Ray Nance and her roommate Regina Anderson also hosted gatherings in their home in New York City. Dorothy Peterson, a teacher, used her father's Brooklyn home for literary salons. These women were integral parts of the Harlem Renaissance for these roles they played. As organizers, editors, decision-makers, they helped publicize, support and thus shape the movement.

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The Harlem Renaissance was a literary and cultural movement that began with the inception of the 20th Century. It is so called because it was first noticed in Harlem, a neighborhood of New York City. The movement was an African American cultural explosion expressed through essays, songs, theatrical pieces, novels and poetry. Harlem Renaissance poetry, as written by such literary luminaries as Langston Hughes and W.E.B. DuBois, was characterized by its themes, influences, focus and intent.

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