Can you give me a character analysis of Langston Hughes "Love Song for Lucinda"?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Langston Hughes's poem "Love Song for Lucinda," Hughes is basically saying that love can be dangerous in all of its enraptured emotion. Hughes gives the wonderful side of love parallel to the dangerous side of love.

Hughes uses metaphors of love to capture the reader's attention. First, he states that love is a plum. While a plum is delicious and even nutrious, Hughes claims that that plum can put you under a spell that will never let you go. To be so enchanted with love can make one miserable, especially if the one who is loved does not return the sentiment.

Love is a bright star that can be beautiful on the eyes, but its flame can also burn your eyes.

Love is a high mountain where the wind blows starkly or harshly. To be this in love could cause you to lose your breath as Hughes states. A breathless love can be exhileratin. However, a breathless love can take away your breathing.

Anyone who has ever been in love understands what Hughes is saying. Love can heal or kill. Lucinda mush have been an awesome person.

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