How can I find the answers to the book Bud, Not Buddy?The reason why I need answers is because I am kind of in a jam, and I need some help to remember my presentation.

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let's begin with the basic gist of the story.  Just for starters, it is a Depression era story about a boy named Bud Caldwell.  He is only ten, and yet he finds himself escaping both a horrible orphanage and mean-spirited foster home.  His reason for escaping is simple:  he wants to find his real father. 

Perhaps the most important item in the story is the tattered suitcase Bud carries.  In fact, Bud guards that item with his life (which we see in many instances).  The contents of the suitcase are important as well:  his mom's picture, some treasured rocks from his mom, a blanket, as well as a flyer for a jazz band out of Grand Rapids.  This last item is the most important, of course, because it hold the only clue to Bud's father. 

Furthermore, Bud goes on quite an adventure (often experiencing setback after setback); however, he meets some companions and does arrive at the station which he believes to be the home of his father. 

Even in addition to the plot points, there's certainly a lot to be found on eNotes!  I have included a few links for you to check out, but there is intense literary quality in this work as well as interesting author narratives about Christopher Paul Curtis in regards to him filling a vast void always felt within African-American literature.  I'm not sure what your presentation you referred to was about, but there certainly is plenty to talk about here in regards to metaphor, vernacular, and even onomatopoeia (that coincides nicely with the jazz band connection).

brandih eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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