How can I explain these words to beginners(traditional-talkaitve-services).. my lesson is about the different between the souq and the shopping malls. they say that the "souq"  as in k.s.a is a traditional marketplace and the shopkeepers are very talkative and make shopping fun. however, the shopping malls have many services. ^^^ how can i simplify these 4 beginners ?:l

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I do not know how old of people you are giving this lesson to.  But if I were going to explain these words to my seven year old daughter, I would tell her this:

  • Traditional means when we do things some way just because that is how it has always been done.  I would give an example from my own culture.  Like telling her that men do not have long hair only because of tradition.
  • Talkative just means that someone talks a lot.  So I think that should be easy.
  • Services -- I would say that this is when someone does something for you in exchange for money.  Then I would give an example of what services are available in malls and not in souqs.
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