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How can I explain the position of a student on the issue of whether grades should be by effort or achievement? ( check the description of my question) Some students say that if they work hard in a course, they should earn high grades while others believe that achievement rather than effort should determine the grade.

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This question really should be a discussion question, but I am going to answer this one anyway.  Life would be good if effort were enough to achieve high scores because we have been taught that hard work is rewarded.  To a certain extent that is true; however, grades should be by achievement as it is the knowledge and thinking skills of a student which should be rewarded.   The doctor to operate should be the one who was rewarded for her achievements in medical school, not her efforts.  This lesson is very difficult for students to understand, especially those who relied on extra credit to keep their grades high.  Effort can produce good grades by studying hard and doing well, but effort alone without achievement cannot be equal whether it takes the students the same amount of effort or not.  We must acknowledge achievement and ability in our students in order to keep up with the rest of the world.

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