How can I explain Francie's determination and optimism in an essay while using quotes and explanation? It's the part where she gets the christmas tree. I need to write an essay one paragraph for each personality trait and I found that she's determined and optimistic.My quotes I found for determination:"Me and my brother were not too little together.""Neeley went to his knees but she pulled him up...:Optimism:"Praying that no one whould buy it."Thanks for the help :P

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When you are writing a response,you need to prove your point.The quotes you chose are good.Now,whenever you use quotes in an essay,you need to introduce them.Do not just place quotes and think they make up the sentence.For example, you might see this sentence in an essay like yours:

Frances shows hope when she is "praying that no one would buy it".

Then you would want to take another sentence or two to explain that quote.You should always write assuming that the person reading the essay knows nothing about the story.Forget that your teacher knows the story.This way you won't forget to explain things you otherwise would assume they know.Even though your teacher knows the story,you should still explain things.These are your thoughts. So,separate the paragraphs by personality traits you plan on discussing and use quotes from the story to prove your point.Use my example above to help guide you.Remember:1.Introduce the quote. 2.Explain the quote. Write back if you need any additional help with this. Good Luck!

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