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How can I expand on the view that aggression was clearly not the cause of the Cold War?

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It is possible to expand on the view that aggression was not a cause of the Cold War. The Cold War began because the Allies believed they could not trust the Soviet Union.

Before World War II ended, Great Britain and the United States made some agreements with the Soviet Union. One agreement dealt with Poland. We wanted some members of the pre-war Polish government to be in the post-war Polish government. The Soviet Union agreed to this and said there would be free elections in Poland. When the post-war Polish government was established, there were very few pre-war Polish government members in the new government, and there were no signs of free elections.

Another agreement with the Soviet Union was that the people of Europe would be free to choose the kind of government they wanted to have after World War II ended. This agreement was known as the Declaration of Liberated Europe. However, shortly after this agreement was made, the King of Romania said he was pressured to have a communist government in his country.

When these agreements weren’t followed, we realized we couldn’t trust the Soviet Union. This began a series of confrontations and competitions between the United States and the Soviet Union, which is known as the Cold War.

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