How can I expand upon the point of view in Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron"?I need to write 3 pages on it .

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hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Vonnegut is trying to make several points, so can fill your 3 pages up on one or many of the following topics:

Technology - Clearly Vonnegut is warning us about the dangers of becoming too reliant on technology and the ways instituations like the government can control us through technology.

The importance of individualim - In Vonnegut's fictional society, everyone has been tweaked to be the same.  People's talents are surpressed so they don't stand out and make other's feel bad.  He's expressing the importance of making the most of your talents, as Harrison attempts to do, rather than stifle them.

Competition - Vonnegut portrays how bad society would be if people didn't compete.  Competition is essential in any community.  He seems to be concerned about new policies enacted in society such as possibly high school's who don't allow coaches to cut athletes based on ability or possibly even the idea of Affirmitive Action.

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