How can I encourage adults and children to enjoy art?

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poetrymfa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Encouraging children and adults to enjoy art comes down to one major step: getting them to understand that being a "good" artist is not necessarily a matter of natural talent or an inherent "gift," but rather the result of consistent, dedicated practice. Many people do not enjoy making art simply because they are afraid that their work will be judged or evaluated negatively, or that their work will be compared to the work of others in a derogatory light. Fear stands in the way of many potential artists, as well as the pressure to make something "beautiful."

Help your adult and child students develop good habits as artists. Instruct them to put a discipline in place to practice their craft. Ask them to work on their particular form of art for a manageable amount of time (say, fifteen minutes or so) every single day. What they draw, sculpt, sketch, or paint doesn't have to be shown to anyone; it may be kept private. In this way, they will be so consumed with practicing at a safe distance from critical eyes that they will naturally both lose their inhibitions and improve over time!

cfriend206 | Student

The first step would be to introduce art through museums of local art shows. If taking an adult, bring friends and make it a fun night out. If taking a child to the local art festival use encouraging language such as "look what this artist has created! its so beautiful, I like how..." or "wow! they must love the color, or they must be proud of themselves!" Using positive language around art can increase its value in an adult or child's mind.

When in a classroom you can introduce art in small projects across many mediums such as painting, charcoal, pottery, or writing. Let the adult or child decide where they feel most comfortable in the art realm. Explain that art stems from emotion and lots of practice, that no one became van gogh overnight. To encourage further, let students who would like to share their art do so with their peers in class. Or hold a art showcase for parents or friends to come and enjoy.

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