How can employees show customers they care about them?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many things that employees can do to show customers that they care about them.  Not all of these are applicable in all situations, but they can all work in some cases.

  • Employees can remember customers’ names.  Many kinds of businesses have repeat customers.  If employees know the customers’ names, the customers feel that they really matter to the employees.  (On a personal note, many of the workers at the grocery store where I shop know my name and the names of my kids.  This helps make me loyal to them.)
  • Employees can remember what the customers like.  This is particularly true in places like restaurants or clothing stores.  The more that employees know about what customers like, the more the customers feel that they are important to the employees.
  • Employees can be sure to deal with customer problems.  Customers tend to feel good when they have a problem and employees solve it.  If they are unhappy with something that your business has done or failed to do, your employees can show caring by rectifying the mistake.
  • Employees can treat customers politely and with respect.  This is fundamental to good customer service.  Customers will not feel cared for if employees are not polite and respectful to them.

All of these are ways that employees of various kinds of businesses can make customers feel that the employees care about them.