How can education help in achieving gender equity?

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Here are a few examples of ways we can use education to further gender equity.

For one, women are often underrepresented in our government. By providing girls with knowledge of the historical foundations of our country and encouraging them to participate in things like debating and legislating, we can encourage much-needed women's voices to emerge in the politics of our country.

Women are also not well-represented in STEM careers. By providing high-level science and math classes to our girls and by recruiting teachers who can make that content highly engaging while bringing girls into the active conversation, we can encourage more girls can begin to see these careers as feasible career choices.

Education raises the aspirations of everyone. Students who are told often enough that they are intelligent and capable learn to believe it and to work harder for their goals. Students who are told that they have the grit and intelligence to go to college are more likely to go to college. Girls who continue their education after high school then have options to continue toward a master's degree. A lack of education ends many aspirations and thereby increases an equity gap.

Caring administrators in education talk to their students to get a gauge for equity issues. Through organic conversations with their teachers and administrators, female students are able to convey areas where they perceive equity discrepancies. Did they read any female authors in their literature class? Did they research any scientists who were women of color in biology? Are they expected to participate as often as their male counterparts in math?

Education provides so many opportunities for closing the gap in gender equity by showing people what is possible.

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