How can domestic violence against women be stopped?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two main ways to stop (or, more realistically, to reduce) domestic violence against women.

One way is to take a legal approach to the problem.  The laws against domestic violence must be strongly enforced.  The law must find ways to prevent situations where women refuse to testify the men who abuse them.  Prosecutors should be discouraged from proposing or accepting plea bargains in domestic violence cases.

However, it is just as important to try to change the attitudes of men and women.  It will never be possible for laws to stop a particular kind of crime.  Instead, what has to happen is for neither men nor women to find domestic violence to be in any way acceptable.  This has to start with parents teaching their sons that violence against women (and the desire to control women) is unacceptable.  And it has to start with parents teaching their daughters that it is never acceptable for a boyfriend or husband to hit them. 

Both of these approaches need to be taken.  It will not be possible to eradicate domestic violence unless the laws are enforced strongly and education is undertaken to convince people that domestic violence is unacceptable.