Describe the development of Spanish rule in the New World in relation to the colonization process of America by Spain.This question related to colonization process of America by Spain.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Spaniards used Conquistadores, or conquerors, to acquire territory in the New World through military force.  They had a little help from smallpox and other European diseases they brought with them without knowing it, as it killed on average 90% of the tribes they came into contact with.  This made the remaining 10% fairly easy to control.

The Spanish perspective on colonization was Gold, Glory and God - acquire wealth for Imperial Spain and bring it home (see Spain's Golden Age), achieve glory for yourself, the empire and the King, and spread Catholicism in the most aggressive manner.  The mission system was built along with mines and large plantations to spread and sustain the Spanish empire for centuries.

jeaneth | Student

Mercantilism was the doctrine that guided the rush of the great colonial economic powers of Europe at that time to expand their territory in search of the spice trade route and gold. To establish itself as colonial master, Spain's colonial designs were anchored on the propagation of Christianity and the conversion of the colonized peoples to Catholicism prior to the systematic administration of that colony's political, economic and cultural systems. All the other European powers, the British Empire, the Dutch colonizers were intent on cornering the spice trade and then the slave trade in search of gold, drawing clear demarcation lines between ruler and ruled.