How can I create a story book?  My title will be Cat on the go. This if for a student in 11 grade English class and he has to create a 10 page novel  children's book..  with simple and easy to understand vocabulary and sentences.   also some attractive illustrations.  can I use printable in them too?  please give me any ideal in how will it look the best.  thank you!

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I will focus on the content of your story. Based on your title, I would suggest you create a fable, which is essentially a short tale that teaches a moral. Having a cat that can communicate in English or do things that may be supernatural in the real world is totally acceptable. Consider the journey you cat will take. Your cat’s journey should be faced with a few conflicts or bumps in the road and ultimately your cat should learn something in the journey. The lesson your cat learns should be something applicable to your intended audience and can be concise. For example, perhaps your cat learns the benefits of sharing or that excluding other cats from play based upon their physical differences is cruel.

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A very good way to draft a children's book is to place it all on Google Docs first. Google Docs is an online way of storing, working on and then sharing your work, whether that is a book draft, a document or a web page. You can type in and save your text, upload illustrations and images, store online web page resources and even share these for marking purposes with your assignment teachers. Of course, at the end of it all, you can print off the pages to form them up into a book. All the usual tools are there such as word count, spell checker, margins, insert tables and all the other usual word processor tools. You can choose privacy too, if you prefer, as you dont have to share the files or pages until you have proofed your assignment.

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First you will need to decide on which grade level you will want the book to be for. A book for a child in first grade will be much different than a fourth graders book. You will want to use words that are at a level that the children can understand. Your sentences should be simple sentences so they can grasp the meaning of the sentence. I would make your illustrations correlate with what the text is saying. This will help to reinforce what the student has read on that page. Say for example, if one page is about your cat crossing the street, then your illustration should show how the cat is crossing the street. This will make it much easier for them to understand. Not only are they hearing the information but they are visualizing it as well.

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