How can countries reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that they are releasing into the atmosphere?

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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I totally approve of many of the new and different methods of producing energy that are available today, simply for the fact that they produce little or no carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

To produce power (or energy), you must first have a fuel to consume (or burn), which in turn produces waste (or emissions).  The ideal solution is to produce energy with little or no waste!  Making fuel from corn or using the power of the wind are two such cleaner methods of producing energy.

Where I live in the Western United States, there's a lot of wind that comes down off the mountains or out of the desert. Just in the last two decades, many enterprising companies have harnessed this energy by erecting wind turrets, thus creating a clean, effective source of energy.  The turrets generate power that's stored and sold to the local power companies, often powering many houses, factories, and stores.  And, the nicest part of it is there are NO toxic wastes produced! 

Harnessing the power of the wind has always existed on our planet. But, with the recent skyrocketing price of foreign oil and all the pollution that the burning of oil produces, wind power is just now being noticed as a viable source of clean, natural energy.  In time, it will be used more and more across this country.

I believe other countries could harness the power of the wind (if they haven't done so already), reducing their carbon emissions input into the atmosphere.