Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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How can I connect The Heart of Darkness with the theories of different post-colonial theorists like Said, Hall, Bhabha, Achebe, and N'gugi?

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A much debated question! I remember that when I was studying English at University Achebe came and gave a lecture about this novel and how "overtly racist" it was. His main argument was that by choosing Africa as the site of a novel that explores the human condition and the abuse of power in colonialism, Conrad is committing another abuse of power at the expense of Africa and Africans. Personally, I don't agree with him. If you read this novel carefully it is possible to identify a distinctly anti-colonial agenda.

However, the critics mentioned above would no doubt want to comment greatly on the presentation of Africans suffering the abuses of European colonialism, such as in the "grove of death" where dying Africans are described as nothing more than a bunch of "angles." They would also want...

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