How can companies validate the statement that "Our human resources are our most valuable assets"?

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Companies can validate the statement that "Our human resources are our most valuable assets" through the use of policies designed to reflect that motto.  Any discrepancy between image and reality will ultimately be public and will undermine the company's efforts at presenting a positive mental image to employees and customers alike. 

In order to validate the notion that personnel are highly valued, management must articulate and execute personnel policies that provide reasonable pay, vacation and sick leave, benefits like affordable and quality health insurance, and employee satisfaction "extras" that continuously enhance the notion that the company is "family."  Disciplinary actions have to be seen as fair, and bonuses have to have a direct relationship to individual contributions.  In other words, executive compansation needs to be in-line with the value each executive visibly brings to the company's productivity. 

Many companies market themselves as "employee friendly."  Whether the reality fits the image is the key to validating the slogan.

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