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How can communications help an organization to achieve its goal?

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Communication, both internal and external, is integral to organizational success. First, leaders need to set a goal or goals. Just to do this requires clear communication between everyone involved in the process. Then, once goals have been set, they need to be communicated to all concerned parties (employees, shareholders, perhaps the media, etc.).

Internally, management will want to know how employees are progressing toward meeting the goals. Employees will need to relate their successes and failures; management will need to convey ideas to solve problems and increase production. Externally, the organization must communicate its progress to the public, or to its supporters. It also uses communication, in the form of advertising, promotion or fund-raising, to earn the money it needs to stay in business.

Effective organizations understand how to tailor their message for the audience they wish to reach, and which form of communication (personal meeting, phone call, email, social media, etc.) is most appropriate in each situation. In the age of social media, with so many different communication channels at hand, it's more crucial than ever to guard against misunderstandings, and to nimbly counter negative publicity.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Communication can help an organization achieve its goals in at least two major ways.

First, it can help the organization achieve its external goals.  Organizations typically want to accomplish things that depend on people outside the organization.  A non-governmental organization might want to reduce the rate of AIDS while a business wants to make profit.  Communication can help to persuade others to take actions (engaging in less risky behaviors, buying the business’s products) that help to achieve these goals.

Second it can help the organization achieve its internal goals.  Organizations typically want to run more efficiently.  Communication between the different levels of the organization can be a major help in bringing this efficiency about.

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